BRUNO PIOMBINI, in its 80 years history, has always remained focused on its mission: to invest in creative research and produce high quality furniture that consumers understand and recognize. This philosophy coupled with dedication and hard work has made the BRUNO PIOMBINI brand a continually growing success and has permitted it's products to become part of the history of Italian classic reproduction furniture.

Founded in 1925 by Mario Piombini, a cabinetmaker in Bovolone, a small village south of Verona which was the cradle of the best traditions in period-style furniture, over the years BRUNO PIOMBINI became a leading furniture brand in Italy. Relying on this goal the company is ready to win the foreign market by classic collections which represent Italian style and constructive quality. The classic furniture is a synonym of intimacy, elegance and rigor in detailing, all made of wood, a noble and genteel material. The rediscovery of these values, typical of period-style furniture, is a trend concerning not only Italy but many European countries as well.

BRUNO PIOMBINI, furniture created and designed for a wide variety of residences. Furniture where perfection search and handcrafting expertise show all their splendor in every item. Proposals where wood finds its maximum expression in great respect for the environment. History and Nature join in a marriage of aesthetic perfection that enriches our daily life accentuating intimacy, enhancing warmth according to each person's own distinctive personality and life style. The new imperative today is: personal style. And the classic furniture BRUNO PIOMBINI embodies this concept perfectly. The brand new collections reach such a stylistic identity that they can be placed in minimal ambient typical of contemporary houses. Thanks to different suggestions offered by warm colors, wood, crystal and fabric varieties, everyone can dare unusual combinations and play with personal compositions.


Francesco Pasi (Italy) Francesco Pasi (Italy)


Born in 1975 from Pasi family’s passion for Italian high quality furnishing, the Francesco Pasi Srl has its trade-mark in quality and in the highest manufacturing care. Inspired to the manufacturing trends of the Veneto region and in general to the classical Italian style, Francesco Pasi's lines are studied suitably for the company by a specialized design studio, and they are branded and patented to guarantee the originality and the unicity of the furniture.
The Francesco Pasi company certifies its collections with product cards, brand and patent: a large range of valuable furniture, executed with the greatest care for details and finishing, to furnish either classical or modern houses never renouncing to the famous safety of the 100% Made in Italy furnishing tradition. Manually refined with beeswax, it is furniture destined to last during the years: to help you take care of it, each piece of furniture is accompanied with a maintenance kit composed by a soft cloth, a scratch-resistant marking pen and a tin of beeswax.
Present in Italy and in the foreign countries, the Francesco Pasi company has got an international presence which makes possible to be always near to its customers, in particular in Russia and in the Eastern european countries, where it has a vast organization of resellers and show rooms. Francesco Pasi's privileged customers, specialized in furnishing homes, are the resellers who guarantee a vast international presence.

Carpanese Home (Italy) Carpanese Home (Italy)


Carpanese Home was born from the exquisite taste, experience and creativity and the refined touch.
The choice and development of classic models has been teamed with more contemporary elements, distinctive designs, that have given rise to sophisticated products to skillfully furnish the home with style.
This is Carpanese Home. Great aesthetic taste and plenty of passion cultivated to work with creativity and a tremendous will to achieve, temptations great and small, that bring lots of different types of furniture to life, with a touch of sophisticated seduction. The collections offer solutions that respond to both the classic, traditional taste, and also to that more orientated towards a more modern, younger and fresher style. Much has, in fact, been dedicated to the research of new finishes, modern design elements, always pleasing to the eye and favouring the natural. The technique is “antique art”, but the proposals are projects which are extremely innovative. Spaces that become a never-ending experience of shapes and colours for homes which are creative yet elegant, young but with a strong personality, for living in the style of Carpanese Home.
It’s here that inspirations become projects.
Everything that surrounds us, influences us, therefore it is important to furnish the home with colours and objects that we like, that stimulate us positively. The love for the work we do, and the attainment of quality in our products have always been for us fundamental choices, our world is the classic style, but a classic style that accepts the challenge of the future and therefore creates new projects that are youthful, ideal for living in today's modern world.


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Established in 1986, veneta sedie has imposed itself on the local and international market as one of the most important companies of the Veneto region (north-east of Italy) dealing with the production of chairs and tables. This success is due to its business reliability and the high quality standard of its products. The product's design, manufacture and marketing aim to offer quality and serve the customer properly. Indeed, veneta sedie boasts of highly technological machinery, which allows production to be very flexible. This is how the company manages to meet the needs of any single market and get wide segments of it, also thanks to a very efficient business network.   Thanks to the experience and flexibility of skilled people intended to evolve the company's product over the years, veneta sedie has developed a new concept of quality: it is more than producing a good product, it involves design, manufacturing methods, distribution networks and the customer's satisfaction, which are the main factors of the company's qualitative growth.


Nowadays, faced with a globalizing economy, we are more than ever convinced that veneta sedie can remain high-level placed only if, apart from satisfying the customer properly, it offers a qualitatively unexceptionable product, perfect till the last detail. This is why our products have represented our best visiting card since the beginning. Besides, we would like to underline that
veneta sedie is very careful about being environmentally-friendly: this is why, behind the products manufacture, there is a philosophy that focuses not only on using raw materials consciously, but also on ethical and social values. For this reason, veneta sedie chooses only wood coming from selected cultivations, which undergo controls and constant reforestation cycles in order to respect the ecosystem and to save its balance.



Veneta Sedie's establishment in Casale di Scodosia is certified UNI EN ISO 9001. Every company's processes, from designing to manufacturing, from the inspection of the product's quality to the customer care, are planned according to internationally recognized provisions. In this way, Veneta Sedie is able to assure the respect of high qualitative standards lasting over the years. A sure and attainable quality allows the company to reach its purpose: the customer's complete satisfaction.